Powerful Protection

Germicidal UV-C

253.7 Nanometers of UV-C light sources inactivates 99.9% 
of virus on a surface within seconds. 

Rhino's UV-C lighting solutions leverages this technology to solve for the global need to ensure safe spaces.


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Investing in our


We mobilize our people, products and resources to address critical needs in our communities.

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Rhino is proud to be a nationally certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

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Total Value



Supply chain disruptions and product failings can present real threats to the health of your organization. When your supply chain is unreliable or you experience poor product performance, there are measurable costs – both human and financial.



Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are faced with mounting pressures to simplify, standardize and increase efficiencies in order to improve the overall financial health of the hospital system




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